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Original Title: Breast Size Comparison Table Shows How to Calculate Breast Cups Use a ruler to horizontally circle the length of the bottom of the breast, which is the lower circumference of your chest, in cm. When buying a bra, they often choose a similar approximate number as their bra size according to their lower bust size. Bra size comparison table, also known as bra size comparison table, is a bra size and bra size table formulated according to international standards. Method of measurement The length of a circle horizontally around the bottom of the breast is the size of the lower circumference of your chest, in cm. When buying a bra, you often choose a similar approximate number as your bra size according to your lower bust size. For example, if your lower bust size is between 68 cm and 72 cm, please choose size 70. The letter is your cup size. The "B" and "C" in the above example are the breast cups. The calculation formula of the cup size is: cup size = upper bust size-lower bust size. The measurement method of the upper chest circumference is as follows: Measure the upper chest size. The length of a circle horizontally around the highest point of the chest (nipple) is the size of your upper chest circumference. If you encounter a decimal when measuring the size, it is recommended to use the progressive method when measuring,bra measuring tape, for example, 72.1 cm, which is calculated as 73 cm. After getting the size of the upper and lower circumference of the chest, start calculating the size of the cup: The most suitable cup size can be obtained by subtracting the lower chest circumference from the upper chest circumference to obtain the upper and lower circumference difference through the following cup comparison table of circumference difference. Expand the full text Three things to keep in mind when measuring your bra size: The number of cups calculated is not necessarily the size you should buy in the end. There are three possibilities: 1) Too much fat: The number of cups should be larger. (For example,printed tape measure, D is usually selected when the difference value is C) 2) The calculated difference is vague: You try to choose a larger cup size so that your breasts have room for development. (For example, if the difference is 15 between C and D, D is usually selected.) 3) The shape of the breast is flat like a plate of loose sand: the smaller the difference measured, the larger the selected cup level. (For example, when the lost fat is shaped according to the scientific dressing method, the difference measured is B cup, then the selected cup is C cup). Nowadays, bras have more and more functions. In addition to the most basic covering and lifting, bra tape measure ,bespoken tape measure, they also emphasize the beauty and weight of bras. These fancy techniques artificially bind bras and hold women up step by step. ABCD has become a sensitive word for all kinds of breasts, and bras have become a health killer. Put aside the bra, women are more free and healthier. From breast hyperplasia to breast cancer, there are abundant blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerves on the breast, which play a role in nutrition and metabolism of the breast. If the bra is too small, especially the steel ring around it is very hard and tight, it will affect blood circulation and supply, cause breast ischemia, spasm, and cause breast hyperplasia. Mammary gland hyperplasia has a certain relationship with mammary gland fibroma and breast cancer. On the other hand, when the bra is too big, the breast can move up and down inside, which can also lead to breast hyperplasia. In addition, studies have shown that inappropriate bras can also cause nipple depression, breast blockage and breast pain. Women who wear a bra for more than 12 hours a day have a 21 times higher risk of breast cancer than those who don't wear a bra for a short time or at all. 1. From shoulder and back pain to cervical spondylosis, the bra makes the skin seem to wear a thin wire. When the human body moves continuously, the shoulder muscles of the upper limbs move continuously, and the bra rubs frequently in a very small range of the skin. Over time, these muscles will be overtired and the blood circulation will be impaired, resulting in aging. Orthopaedic clinics often have some young women who say they have shoulder discomfort, especially shoulder and back pain, chest tightness, dizziness, and needling sensation when the head and neck rotate. The examination found that the local muscles of shoulder and back had different degrees of aging. It is clinically known as "bra syndrome". 2. From dyspnea to heart and lung damage, some people buy bras that are too tight to be beautiful. It appears that the chest is large and the cleavage is deep. In fact, it is also very easy to cause pressure on the chest and affect the cardiopulmonary function,tailor measure tape, resulting in chest tightness, shortness of breath and so on. If you are a sister who likes to communicate, you might as well join WeChat: yue67800 to exchange breast enhancement experience and breast enhancement topics together! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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