One-page Menu Items Not Navigating Anywhere

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    November 18, 2021 at 4:40 am #155556

    I followed the instructions here to create the one-page feature.

    However, while the menu items are showing up in the correct spot, they are not navigating to the corresponding sections when I click on them.

    Here is what I have done:
    Step 1 – Navigate to Pages > Add New and fill in the page title.
    YES – I did this and set the Page as Home page.

    Step 2 – Set this page to have the Default Template with Fullwidth Layout, no sidebars.
    YES – I did all this

    Step 3 – Fill in all other Custom Settings, such as the Featured Section, Page Title etc.

    Step 4 – IMPORTANT: Make sure that Enable One Page Elements checkbox is checked. The field is located in a settings box named Misc Settings.
    YES – I enabled the one page elements

    Step 5 – Generate One Page Sections via the Shortcode Generator or The Visual Composer.
    I created 4 sections using visual composer.

    Step 6 – IMPORTANT: Add a Unique ID to each section. This ID is used for the Custom One Page Navigation. The ID should be a sanitized string. Example: my-page, one-page-section, first.
    Yes – I have added the ID’s – each section I titled to correspond with the sections name, e.g., #animal-resistance-book

    Step 7 – Fill in the one page section with any content you wish, similar to fullwidth sections.
    Yes – did this, not sure what it means by “similar to fullwidth sections”

    Step 8 – Publish the page when finished.
    Yes – I published it.

    Generate One Page Navigation
    Step 1 – Navigate to Appearance > Menus and click Create a New Menu.
    Yes – I created a menu called One Page Elements

    Step 2 – Open Link item, enter the URL, which is #one-page-section-id and the Title is of your choice. Press Add to Menu
    Yes – for instance, I would put the custom link as #animal-resistance-book and the corresponding title as Animal Resistance Book

    Step 3 – Drag and reorder these generated menu items, add icons to the items until you get the desired navigation layout. Save the Menu.
    Yes – done. I also added a custom Home page link.

    Step 4 – Go to Manage Locations and choose the previously created menu for the One Page Menu.
    Yes – done.

    Am I missing something? Why would the links not be navigating anywhere? Thanks!

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