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    January 12, 2023 at 5:13 am #158262

    So sorry if this is a really dumb question. I am very new to WordPress and Highend. I installed the Highend theme in WordPress just fine. I selected a demo theme to use as a template, and imported it just fine. There were 16 pages with the specific theme and I installed the two plugins that it required that were part of the Highend package. I then decided that I wanted to use a different, more simple theme demo as a template. When I went to import that one and selected “all,” it added 10 new pages to my page list (total of 26) instead of replacing the original 16. I tried to delete all the pages and start over, but nothing happened when I imported the theme again. All 26 pages were still in the trash, and no new pages had been added. I decided to try to restore the pages that were part of the new, more simple theme that I wanted, but some of the pages aren’t there. No I have this mess of published pages, unpublished pages, and pages in the trash. The only other thing I did during this time, was experiment with changing the home page to the blog page in settings-read-home page. Can someone help me figure out how to start over with the simple theme demo I want? Thank you for the time,



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