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    February 17, 2017 at 5:21 pm #104086

    These pieces of code were in the Aegaeus source for the home page of our site. I am not 100% certain but they are the only code with http and not https:. Can you tell me where this code is in the wordpress files so I can update them??

    One other thing, I can seem to load a favorite icon into Aegaeus. Every time I load an .ico file into the form I get an error and cannot save the theme options. Example is attached

    <li id=”wp-admin-bar-aegaeus_support_link” class=”menupop aegaeus_support_link”>Theme Support<div class=”ab-sub-wrapper”><ul id=”wp-admin-bar-aegaeus_support_link-default” class=”ab-submenu”>
    <li id=”wp-admin-bar-aegaeus_docs_link” class=”aegaeus_docs_link”>Theme Documentation
    <li id=”wp-admin-bar-aegaeus_forum_link” class=”aegaeus_forum_link”>Support Forum </div>

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