Fail Installing Demo Content 500 Server Error

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    June 6, 2014 at 1:04 pm #3205

    Hi – I received the following error when attempting to install the demo content zip

    500 error. The theme references this
    Due to large demo export files, on some hosts the full demo import will fail and generate Error 500 – Internal Server Error.
    In that case, you can try increasing max_execution_time to 120 and WP_MEMORY_LIMIT to 128M.

    My hosting provider is Hostgator – and they responded this way to me:
    “Unfortunately the max_execution_time can not be increased on a Shared hosting server. If you definitely require a higher setting than 30, you will please need to have either a VPS or Dedicated server. You can read more about the PHP settings limits on Shared hosting here:”

    Is this an anomaly or should I seek out a different hosting provider? Or do most HB theme owners use a dedicated server or VPS? Is there another way around this?

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