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    February 5, 2024 at 4:27 pm #161642

    I have searched the forum all day trying to find a solution to the simple task that I am trying to accomplish: embed a video in a page.

    Using the HighEnd Theme (FrontEnd Editor) I add a Row and divide it 1/4 by 3/4. I have text showing in the 3/4 area and wish to place a video in the 1/4 section of this row.

    Whenever I go into that 1/4 section and attempt to add (+) an element….I am presented with the Add Element screen that has ALL / MY ELEMENT / CONTENT /….and so on tabs.

    When I search on these screens for “video” I am only offered two options:
    1. Video Player (Embed YouTube or Vimeo Player) and
    2.Video Embed (Embed video from YouTube, Vimeo or similar)

    Regardless of which one I select I am not able to embed a video THAT IS PLACED not on youtube or vimeo (as I do not want a youtube or vimeo account to host just a couple of videos on my site) but it is placed on my hosting sites file manager PUBLIC_HTML folder and can be played directly from the full URL when that URL is placed in a browser window without problem.

    For those suggesting that I simply add the video the same way I would add an image – – that approach does not work either! I add an element (image) and am offered to select from my WP Media Library but videos I have in my library do not present as an option that I can select and embed.

    Because HighEnd required me previously to install the WPBakery Plugin in order to access the FrontEnd and BackEnd editing options, I have searched the WPBakery Plugin support site and am presented with an offer to purchase WPBakery plugin for something like $90 in order to ‘unlock’ additional features. BUT…I thought, that when I purchased HighEnd, it came with WPBakery Plugin and all I needed to do was install it. Which I have done. Am I required to make another purchase in order to embed a video?

    ALSO….. since I have installed WPBakery, … although when I go into a page that I have built previous to this plugin install, the page implies (a grey button to the right of the buttons for BackEnd and FrontEnd editor) that I am in the Gutenberg Editor – however I have none (zero) of the editing options that I used to have to add elements to my pages. Is that normal or do I have some setting somewhere that I need to address to get those editing options back?

    What I do not know is…..
    *is this a wordpress problem?
    *is this a HighEnd problem?
    *is this a WPBakery problem?
    *is this a Gutenberg problem?

    Where IS my problem so that I can spend a few more days of my life trying to figure out a solution to the simple task of embedding a video in my page?

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