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    February 9, 2020 at 9:23 am #144968

    Good day team,

    I tried to create a two post page grid columns for my web post page using the default setting under the layout setting in highend themes setting. But the result I got is one column in the website.

    The space to be occupied by the second column is empty. I noticed that the post content to be displayed in the second column shows up for a split of a second, then disappear only leaving the space blank. Those contents (boxes with videos and read more texts below) simply re-arrange themselves in the first column, leaving other space unused.

    I experimented further by trying to create three post page grid columns for the post page, using the same post page templates in the default setting of the layout setting. The result shows two columns in my site, leaving the third column space blank. The contents to be displayed in the third column simply flash up in the third column then disappear, only to realign in the first and second column.

    I wanted two column display of post content as i am satisfied with the size of the boxes in two column grid. I would have left it that way, but the size of the boxes for each content shrinks further leaving empty space unused. I wanted the size of the post content to be a little bigger like the size of a two grid columns.

    Please assist urgently.

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