Cannot import WooCommerce Product Data

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    June 10, 2014 at 5:17 am #3395

    As per your instructions for importing the WooCommerce demo data, I installed the “WooCommerce – Store Exporter” plugin, but it would appear that this plugin can only export CSV files from WooCommerce, not import them. I do not see any option on the “Import” screen to import CSV files. I have tried various plugins that are “capable” of importing CSV, such as “Woocommerce CSV importer” and “WP All Import” but do not seem to integrate with WooCommerce at all, thus I cannot import any of the product data that was included in the “Imports – Demo Content” folder

    Also, there does not seem to be a file called “woocommerce.csv”, as stated in the instructions. There is only “products.csv” which exists in the Highend\Imports – Demo Content\WooCommerce Export folder. This has caused me much confusion

    I am surprised that nobody else has complained about this issue in the support forum, in spite of how obvious it is.

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