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Entering the door, the shopkeeper came to pick him up in person. Everyone saw that the shop was indeed the image Huang Hanchang had said that night. The wooden counter was almost one person high. The waiters, all in blue cloth coats, stood on the high wooden stools behind the counter, looking at the goods while talking about business with a cold face. They were not as lively and polite as others. Huang Han-heng laughed in a low voice and said, "Brother, look at them. The guys in our shop have a nickname, Night Pot Tin." "A chamber pot?" Sun Yuchen doesn't understand. Oh! The chamber pot in the north is the toilet in the south, commonly known as the urinal. Huang Hanheng is on the way. The shopkeeper's companion also secretly laughed and asked them to go to the guest room in the east for tea. In the east room of the shop is a guest seat, with a blue cloth door curtain outside, but inside it is not a cave in the sky. There are tables and chairs inlaid with mother-of-pearl in mahogany, tea sets made of blue and white fine porcelain, and on the walls there are several paintings and calligraphy of the famous Hanlin in the same or light years, and a few pots of small bonsai in purple sand. The shopkeeper knew that it was the young master of the host and the distinguished guest, so he quickly ordered people to make tea and bring four dishes of dried and fresh fruits. The shopkeeper personally poured tea for several people and said with a smile, "Young master, Sun Gongzi, have a taste. This is specially bought from Zhang Yiyuan. It is said to be daughter tea. It is specially smoked for several royal palaces. It produces dozens of catties a year.". These are the rewards of the owner. Sun Gongzi tasted it, and as expected, it was frivolous and mellow. "How can these big guys in your family be called chamber pots?" He asked with a smile. 。 The shopkeeper sat down and took out a tobacco pouch and a pot. Seeing that neither of them smoked, he lit it himself and then said, "Hey, this business is different from other businesses. The chamberpot tin is about the guys in our shop. They are highly skilled and bad-tempered. They have worked here for a long time. As long as they have been a teacher and have worked in the pawnshop for a few years,Serum Bottle With Dropper, their eyesight at things is comparable to that of the two cabinets in the antique shop!"! The trade is different, the treatment is naturally different, you think, we shop as a thing, a wrong, have to pack up and go away, other people's antique shop apprentice? Usually do not pay, just eat and drink,Amber Dropper Bottles, the second cabinet eyesight is not good, at most a holiday, the next time to earn back. Furthermore, buddy, no matter how capable you are, you are also a buddy. You have developed a bad temper from our shop. As long as you don't do this job one day, you can't even do other jobs when you go out. Think about it. You have such a bad temper, and you can't say good words with a smiling face and jump up to the guests. Which family dares to have this kind of buddy. So it's like the tin on the chamber pot. It looks useless. You can use it to relieve yourself, otherwise it will leak. But you say it's very useful. It's smelly with urine. It's not very useful. People here gossip and call the waiter the chamber pot tin. "There is still a lot of knowledge!"! Every other line is like a mountain! Sun Yuchen sincerely sighed: "Or wouldn't it be better for them to do antiques, too?" The shopkeeper smiled and sighed, "Where does anyone want it?"! Here is someone else to beg us, to other places, have to bend down to do a little smile, even if they have vision, this rule is not, also can not. "Otherwise, Glass Cream Jars ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, the stump will stand there and let the guests see it. Who will go shopping? Do you think that's the reason?" A few people listened to burst out laughing, a few people are tasting tea to chat warmly, outside bang bang ran into a small fellow, hand way: "shopkeeper!"! Go and have a look! Lord Liu of the south study, in the heat of the ceremony, just walked outside our shop and fainted, you see.. When the shopkeeper heard this, he suddenly jumped up and rushed out to the crowd. Sun Gongzi and Sun An and Sanhu were not sure why. Huang Hanheng stood up and said with a smile, "Don't panic, Brother. It's not a bad thing. It's good for you to get to know each other." Originally, since Kangxi's old age, many dignitaries in the capital and Wenyuan Qingliu of the Hanlin Academy, the South Study, the Upper Study and the Imperial College had a close relationship with the major pawnshops in Kyoto, and some of them were mixed with some interests of "not for outsiders". The salaries of Beijing officials were as low as those of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. However, it has been a common sense since ancient times that literati like the ancients. There are too many patterns in the antique shops in Liulichang. Qingliu officials have no money and can't afford to buy them, so they often go to the pawnshops to see if there are any good paintings, calligraphy, bronze and porcelain. They can buy them cheaply to enrich their collections and at the same time they can be very arty. The pawnshop of the Huang family happened to be open in Dashilan. On weekdays, many Hanlin and imperial censors came to look for things. The furnishings and furniture in the East Room were prepared for them. Only then did Sun Gongzi understand that at this time, what he feared most was the people on the official face, and he had to quickly avoid it. "Before I could get out of the door, a big mouthful of Peking Opera came from outside, which made all the people in the shop laugh." Hey, I said shopkeeper Zhou, you are too petty! We're not in our seventies or eighties, and we still need you to support us like this? Go to take care of someone Liu! Look, Lao Liu has suffered a great loss today! It's a hot day, and I didn't know Lao Yang was so high! Do you have sour plum soup? Hurry up! Go to Xinyuanzhai and bring some bowls! How many bowls? You tell them that Ye and Lao Liu want to drink! Send a few barrels, I invite your guests here to drink together! Hurry up and go! If you are slow, I will beat you! Look, the things in your house are not so good, the water head is OK, last time I met a small vibrator in the Xiyuan, hi! The big class finger in his hand, I heard it was a glass green, which was sent by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Bah! Don't keep the good ones for me, and see how I clean them up next time. "Mr. Huang and all the people in the room were laughing in their stomachs. Even Sun An was craning his neck to look out. Who on earth is this loud voice?" Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me! As soon as the door curtain was picked up, the shopkeeper Zhou and two sweaty servants came in with a middle-aged man in his early fifties. On a hot day, the man did not know why. He was still wearing a sapphire blue Ning silk robe with four claws and eight pythons. He was covered with a silk peacock patch. His head was cleanly shaved, and his braids were coiled around his neck. Boss Zhou held an official hat high in his hand, with a coral top on the red tassels. In the enamel gilded plume tube at the back, there is a monocular plume that has always been green and dense. This may be Liu Xueshi in the south study. It seems that he is a third-grade civil official with a second-grade title. Look at this man again, his face is pale, his breathing is panting, and his whole body is limp, obviously suffering from summer heat. Shopkeeper Zhou hurriedly directed the waiter and servant to help Master Liu to the east room,30ml Dropper Bottle, then trotted back, knelt down beside the door curtain with a splash, and lifted the curtain.

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