WordPress Updates *DESTROY* Highend Theme

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    March 7, 2023 at 12:25 am #158524

    Twice in the past two weeks, when WordPress updates, my site quits working. Today I chatted with WP Live. This is the explanation the technician gave me:

    “I don’t see anything currently wrong, no. Looks like you can reach them at https://hb-themes.com/. Whats kind of happening here is that everything on the internet is code! WordPress is just like putting some knobs and dials on that code so you don’t need to learn these constantly evolving languages. The language in question is called PHP. For some reason the PHP that makes up your theme is written incorrectly and unfortunately the net doesn’t have autocorrect so it’s not able to read parts of it to load it up properly.

    The theme developer would need to look at that code they wrote their theme with in order to diagnose which bits need to be rewritten.”

    Please help repair/fix this problem!

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