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    January 9, 2016 at 11:58 pm #69865

    Hi HB-Themes and Branko,

    This is in reference to my website under the domain

    I purchased this theme a while ago, but I have struggled so much with it that, at this point, I’ve come really close to requesting a refund. The theme is truly beautiful and it appears very straightforward, but I’ve never been able to set up the menu so I can finally start publishing content and get the page up and running.

    My main source of frustration is the menu. For example, I have several sections on the page for which I wish to use the same blog template because I like that design and I wish to keep the visuals on the page pretty consistent. However, every time I edit one of them, all the others reflect the change too. This is really frustrating because I’ve throughly read through this support forum and watched all the videos. Surely there’s a possibility the mistake is still on my end, but I’m pretty sure it’s not. I’ve lost countless hours on this and postponed the launch of my website 3 times just because of the menu. I’ve never requested that your experts help me with setting it up because this is a personal website with a strong emphasis on creative work (i.e., writing, opinion and creative pieces, fashion, photography, and art otherwise) and as such will not generate any income… I’ve invested too much on hosting on the theme itself that I cannot afford to invest for someone to set it up for me when I am able to figure it out on my own and the description of the theme promises that that’s exactly what sets it apart from other themes. I hope you can assist me with this. I suppose you are able to view my menus at the moment, the one I wish to use is named “Main Menu Attempt” – ironically, that was my third attempt and, clearly, it wasn’t a charm.

    I also wasn’t able to set the Home page to the beautiful looking presentation example (in your demos, the first of the slides features a house and the dominant color sort of a red… I’m sure you’ll know what I’m referring to). It just isn’t available as an option, I’ve tried all of them manually.

    The new issue I am facing is installing the January theme update and importing the demo (the Presentation demo, as mentioned previously). I read on mojomarketplace that you are doing this for free for all of your users, so I would appreciate that favor.

    I have struggled with the theme for over two months and I am at the verge of giving up. I neither have anymore time to wait or money to invest in this. I truly tried my best, read over everything, patiently re-did my website… but to no avail. I would truly appreciate your assistance with these problems, because as I said I love the design, I love the features, I love the functionality… but I need it to start working.

    Thank you in advance. Hvala.

    Marko Petric

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