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    September 9, 2019 at 12:02 am #141923

    I wish i would have looked on line to notice the tutorial videos were 5 years old. Not one of the videos shows you anything useful, wait i take that back as they show you how to use the them in 2014. The theme is impressive but the videos SUCK! I feel as thought I have wasted $59 and is probably why the price is what it is.

    I have struggled to get to where i am now and now i cant even modify the slider on the pages as it shows you nothing in regards to doing this. I have now began looking at other themes to buy that are not only functional but useful and worth the money you pay as this was a waist of time and money.

    I have read the reviews but again they are 5 years old. Surprised blue host even has this on there site with the lack of information that is provided as your technically just ripping people off. Thank you for the experience but i have a business to run and cant waist anymore time on a inferior theme like This one

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