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    December 3, 2018 at 3:22 pm #133249

    Unfortunately jumpmarks to an ID are offset (as described in https://hb-themes.com/forum/all/topic/one-page-offsets/#post-132852).

    section { padding-top: 80px;}
    This is not an option to me.

    When will the theme automatically detect “Sticky Header Height” selected in theme settings and add this as a minus to all jump marks? Whether those IDs are section IDs or manually added IDs. And wether you jump to an ID on the same page or on another page!

    Jump to ID MINUS (<<Sticky Header Height>> + 20px)

    Please also add a headroom (of for example 20px). We don’t want to start directly with the content right where the header ends. Instead of adding a fixed 20px it would be great if you could also ask for the headroom in theme functions.

    you can add a custom class for the sections lets say, .custom_padding and then us code like this:

    .custom_padding {
    padding-top: 80px;

    oor, you can also manually add padding-top to the sections, there are many ways of fixing this

    This does not make sence to me as this effects the sites design. I don’t want a margin, the space between elements is fine, just the scrolling doesn’t work.

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