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    December 31, 2020 at 6:47 am #151825

    There are a few things about the current appearance of my blog page that I would like to change if possible:

    1. Currently, the posts on the blog page show up on a white background (see “Posts on Blog Page” attached). Is there a way to change that colour from white? I’d like to make it #DFE0DF instead

    2. Similarly, I want to change the colour of the “Read More” button (same image as referenced above) from white to #2a3b7c and have the (“Read More”) text in white.

    3. The “Load More Posts” button (see “Load More Posts” attached) is currently rounded but I’d prefer to make it rectangular. I’d also like to change the colour of the button to #FFBD11 (while keeping the on hover behaviour)

    4. Please see the “Individual Blogpost” image attached. I’d like to change the title/headline (“Hello world!” in this case) from black to the main site colour. Is this possible?

    Is it possible for me to do these described above? If so, how would I go about it? I’d appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!!

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