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    June 16, 2014 at 5:17 pm #3737

    Trying this again. i have a page used as a test to work this out. I want a gallery inserted in a regular default page so it’s not just a dedicated gallery page. I don’t use dedicated gallery pages, i need them in the regular site pages to make them usefull and attractive.
    This is exactly what i did so you can see where i went wrong.
    create default page as one usual for site page.
    i added a gallery carousel shortcode. You can see inside the screenshot that i added two sets of different catagories. Those two catagories are total of 6 pictures. 6 kickboxing 6 weight training. As seen in screenshot of page 3 different sets of photos show the thumbnail. i did not put the 3rd set of pics in the catagories area and they show up anyways.
    The screenshot shows exactly my process. I put both screenshots on a page because the forum would not allow be to add more than one screenshot and the file was ony 51kb. i do not use demo content because it’s to slow loading and i will not bother with it. But i liked the demo content home page gallery, that’s what i am trying to create is the nice block of gallery photos stretched across a home page or any page on the site. i always end up with different size thumbs and i use feature image on each gallery. also when i build a gallery lets say kickboxing i crete catagories kickboxin1,kickboxing2 etc.

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