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    January 11, 2018 at 4:22 pm #121916

    Hi, I have recently published my website. However, sometimes the web pages load as they should but at other times I get white space. Sometimes the white space is at the top of the page underneath the header, sometimes its further down the page. I can’t figure out what is causing it as it doesn’t always happen. The white space is as though someone has added an extra row.

    I have contacted WordPress and they have told me that there appears to be an empty div above the title of the webpage and to contact you to determine how to disable it. However, the white space issue isn’t just on the homepage, it’s also on the posts. I have attached a screenshot of the problem.

    I hope this explains the issue well enough for support.

    PS I am using Highend childs theme and WP 4.9.1 and my website is https://www.pulseandpea.com

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